Jonathon Raoul Cerveau

Magical Gentleman and Scholar


Jonathon Raoul Cerveau is an exceptionally knowledgeable individual, especially in reference to the mystic arts. However, due to previous actions, his ability to call upon his power has been crippled to the point of near non-existence.

Character Sheet

He currently lived in London, in a flat above the Bastard’s Brew, making his living as an occult consultant and teacher. He has recently begun to work with a group of other magically inclined individuals to deal with some of the local trouble, brought together by a shared debt with the Erlking. These include Adele “Fletcher”, Angel Fletcher, David Durrant, and Damien Bishop.

The combination of his family fortune and his rather profitable profession have made him relatively affluent, allowing him to satisfy his rather expensive tastes. An amateur gourmet, a lover of fine tobacco and spirits, a minor art collector, and a lover of baroque antiques.

He drives a restored Bugatti Type 57SC with high gloss black paint job and white wall tires. The interior features black leather, gunmetal, and walnut panels.

Physical Description:
Jon is a slender individual, with a minor amount of muscle structure. If he has any definition it is more from a lack of fat than any working out. His hair is kept around 4 inches in length, with a purposefully casual/sloppy look that you can only really develop by spending significant amounts of time maintaining. His eyes are an almost spectral shade of blue that come across as somehow both deeply trustworthy and infinitely mischevious.

He attires himself entirely in outfits from Savile Row and handmade shoes from Foster and Son. Mostly he wears waistcoats and three piece suits, accessorizing in silver jewelry and an expensive antique pocket watch.


Jonathon Raoul Cerveau

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